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Social Climate we are a cooperative, set up in Spain with a branch in Greece, committed to driving climate action based on science and social justice; through social innovation, sustainable tourism, nature-based solutions, and international cooperation.


We catalyze processes of social innovation for the climate via consulting, training, capacity building, facilitation, and project development, management, and evaluation services.

In particular, we engage local communities and ecosystems of stakeholders to design and implement climate action plans, based on science and social justice, for cities, communities and regions.


Artur Nadcrinicinii

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Green entrepreneurship & social business
International cooperation

Artur leads expert consulting projects, brokers partnerships and manages projects in Eastern Europe & Asia. He is an international consultant on social business development, has worked with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center – UNEP/MAP, and been a business broker for UNDP and other development-focused multilateral organizations.

He holds a degree in Economics and a postgraduate MBA. He has 10+ years of previous professional experience in the private sector, covering various fields in the areas of strategic and operational planning, sectoral studies & market research, as well as business partnerships, trade and investment promotion.

Jesus Iglesias Saugar

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Social innovation for climate action
International cooperation

Jesus catalyzes processes of social innovation for the climate” unleashing the social economy for climate action and justice, both locally and through international cooperation. He has taken part in the last five UN Climate Change conferences, from COP21 in Paris in 2015 to COP25 in Madrid in 2019. He is a regular contributor to major Spanish journals, including eldiario.es and El País. 

He holds a BSc in Telecommunications Engineering, a MSc in Space & Planetary Science from the Paris Observatory and UC Berkeley , and a MSc in Sustainable Development from EOI Business School. He’s an active member of multiple networks: Advanced Leadership Found., Climate Reality, 350.org, and the Nature-based Solutions Cluster.

Natascha Wahlberg

Co-founder, facilitator & consultant
Eco, social & bussiness innovation
Fundraising & international cooperation

Natascha studied Environmental Science, specializing in international projects focused on R&D + innovation.

She counts with 10+ years of experience developing and managing projects, funds, programmes and tenders at local, regional, national and european level. She has taken part in projects related to waste management and valorization, agri-food, efficient management of water resources, or social entrepreneurship.

She is committed and passionate about climate action, sustainability, renewable energies, social and environmental innovation, and gender equality.


The Climate Journey

Guided itineraries to see on the ground the impacts, causes, connections and solutions of the climate emergency, in terms of social mobilization, direct democracy, local wellbeingeconomies, nature-based solutions, critical thinking, regenerative cultures and art.

Local is Our Future

As a result of our collaboration with Local Futures we’ve translated into Spanish the book “Local is Our Future” by Helena Norberg-Hodge, renowned author and . We also wrote the context-setting preface, and contributed to the crowdfunding campaign to fund the publication.

Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC Forum

The #MalagaClimaIPCC Forum has laid out, via the UN IPCC, the most up-to-date science on the impacts, causes and solutions of the climate crisis in Malaga city, territory, and province, in order to catalyze collective climate action.


Helena Norberg-Hodge: autora de “El Futuro es Local”

Helena Norberg-Hodge es pionera del movimiento por una economía local. Desde hace más de 30 años está promoviendo una economía del bienestar personal, social y ecológico. Es co-fundadora y directora[…]

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March 16, 2020 0

The main institutions and more than 150 people foster local climate action and social justice at the Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC Forum and the Futuros Locales Festival – #MalagaClimaIPCC #LocalFutures

After intense days of presentations, discussion and networking, the “Malaga for the Climate with the IPCC Forum”, which counted with Professor Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz of the IPCC from the United[…]

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March 12, 2020 0

Las principales instituciones y más de 150 personas impulsan la acción local por el clima y la justicia social en el Foro Málaga por el Clima con el IPCC y el Festival Futuros Locales – #MalagaClimaIPCC #FuturosLocales

Tras intensas jornadas de exposiciones, debate y networking, el “Foro Málaga por el Clima con el IPCC” #MalagaClimaIPCC, que contó con la Profesora Dr. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz del IPCC de Naciones Unidas por vía[…]

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March 12, 2020 1

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